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Gold price: $87.2 / gram Gold price: $87.2 / gram
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About us

We are a Canadian jewelry store based in Vancouver. We were established in 2019 serving the local community in Greater Vancouver area. As a result of COVID-19 we accelerated innovation to our business and launched our online store. We insisted on keeping the same quality of high grade 18K and 21K solid gold that lasts lifetime without deterioration in its colour. 

The name DAHAB means gold in the Arabic language. Our designers are inspired by mixing middle-eastern designs with westernized culture to bring a unique custom collection.

Pay for Value. Enjoy Elegance

Our unique handcrafted internationally inspired collection brings you elegant designs combined with the value of owning solid 21 or 18 karat gold. Get amazing designs while ensuring the value stays in the piece you buy. As gold prices keep rising, our customers were able to sell their jewelry for prices higher than their cost after using it for several years.

My name is Luay Ibrahim. My family has a long history in jewellery design. My grand father started his first jewelry store in Amman, Jordan back in 1952. We decided to bring the family tradition to Canada and started our online store. 


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Contact Phone Number: +1 (604) 897.9349

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 Interested in wholesale r, contact us at 604.897.9349